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"Stacy is an absolute delight! She will leave you educated and entertained!" 




Whether you are looking for an Emcee, Keynote speaker or a small group workshop, there are many topics that will educate in an interactive, fun and lively way.


My aim is to help my audience understand how to leverage the power of LinkedIn, podcasting and social media tools, for business and personal professional branding in order to gain more visibility, attract more leads & convert more clients.

LinkedIn & Podcasting are 2 incredible platforms to get your voice out there. Here are just a few of my key topics requested:

  1. Stop Selling: LinkedIn Success Formula
  2. Turn your LinkedIn Profile into a client magnet
  3. Start Talking: Podcast for Success
I can be engaged to be your Emcee, run a keynote presentation, half or full day workshops or 45-90 min seminars at your next conference or meeting. My training style is conversational, interactive, flexible and fun.

Turn your LINKEDIN profile into a client magnet. 

In this step-by-step presentation, Stacy will focus on how to use your LinkedIn profile to attract the "right" people.

Discover how to use LinkedIn to build your online personal brand and how you can make the most of this standard in professional social networking.

You will learn the steps to a highly effective profile to gain visibility for you and your brand.  Use your shiny new profile to grow your network and your business. 


Stop Selling, Start Showing

With over 500 million users and growing, LinkedIn is where you want to be to grow your personal & professional brand 
to gain leads through awareness and connections with the right audience. 
Leverage the power of LinkedIn and learn the 
key aspects to a knockout profile that showcases your brand for your target audience & learn her exact 
system for generating a consistent flow of leads all while being true to your brand.

Be the Brand, Get the Leads

Activities that don’t produce business are a waste of time. Connecting with your ideal prospects on LinkedIn is as important as your ability to convert a healthy percentage of them into clients. In this presentation, Stacy shows you how to do just that.

You will learn:

To focus your brand for the right audience
Building relationships with your target audience
How to use your brand to optimize your LinkedIn profile
The system to generate consistent leads from LinkedIn

LinkedIn & Podcasting

From sales strategy to working with key business executives to marketing, Stacy was at the hub of it all. She was able to sit with key executives to talk about business strategy and work closely with corporate branding, marketing and sales.

Having spent hours in front of the computer searching and finding information on all things Autism, she learned how the online world worked first hand. The most important thing was to build relationships online with businesses and create those important connections. After years of helping businesses with all things Social Media, she focused on LinkedIn & Podcasting for their high level of professionalism, business focused content and ability to truly connect with other professionals.

Stacy works with corporate teams and entrepreneurs alike to make their strategy work for their business, brand and bottom line.

Her aim is to help my audience understand how to leverage the power of LinkedIn & Podcasting for business and personal professional branding in order to gain more visibility, attract more leads & convert more clients.


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Tell Your Story

I believe that storytelling is a big part of your personal brand, especially on LinkedIn. Here is my introduction as the Emcee at a One Red Lipstick Live Event.


If you are looking for an Emcee for your next event, contact me for booking details.



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"β€œI hired Stacy to take over my Social Media responsibilities. She is a fabulous teacher and has explained the inner workings of Social Media in a logical manner and takes as much time as required (with an incredible amount of patience). Stacy is fabulous with people, she is so open and helpful and is such a pleasure to deal with. The true test of Stacy's talents are the results I am seeing in my analytics. I would hire Stacy for any position as she is dedicated and professional in all aspects of her/your business.”"

Colleen Saunders
Mortgages by Colleen

"β€œBefore I met Stacy, I was a social media technological Wreck! Meeting Stacy has taken the fear out of social media for me. Since working with Stacy, I feel much more confident in setting and managing my social media platforms and now understand how to use them more strategically and efficiently to get my message understood. She absolutely teaches you HOW to BE REAL ON LINE in an authentic way! Thanks Stacy for all your help!”"

Linda Sztanko
Networking Coach and Follow up Expert

"β€œI have had the pleasure of knowing Stacy for over 6 years in both a personal and professional capacity. What sets Stacy apart is her ability to really connect with others in a genuine way. She effectively assists businesses in developing a concise strategy where their unique message can be heard across all social media platforms. Her training style is direct, fun and engaging.”"

Cathy Thompson
Founder and CEO Beyond the Classroom

Your LinkedIn Profile can be Profitable!
I can show you how!