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Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in life, it’s about what you inspire others to do.

After many years working in the corporate world, I left to care for my son.


My son received an Autism diagnosis in 2008. 

I was overwhelmed by the questions that were running through my mind at that time.  What was Autism? What will his future look like? How do I fix it?  It was that last question that kept me glued to the computer researching Autism.  I didn’t sleep or eat for days as I read website after website to learn as much as I could about Autism and how to help my son.  

I pulled myself together and went into action mode.

Action mode meant leaving my corporate job.  I was sad to leave, but I needed to get my son from this appointment to that appointment and back to this therapy and that therapy.  It was a hectic time.  And needless to say, money was not abundant considering I wasn’t working.  So, I had to take action on that too.  No one would hire me with the hours I had to keep, so I needed to start my own business.  Being an entrepreneur was always something I wanted to be, but didn’t expect it would happen in this way. 


From sales strategy to working with key business executives to marketing, I was at the hub of it all.  I was able to sit with key executives to talk about business strategy and work closely with corporate branding, marketing and sales. 


Having spent hours in front of the computer searching and finding information on all things Autism, I learned how the online world worked and the technology behind it. The most important thing was to build relationships online with businesses and create those important connections. I love all things business and technology. As an early adopter, I have been using Social Media since the beginning and love keeping up with trends & hacks. I'm a tech geek at heart.  

Today, I empower my clients and community to professionally use Online Marketing Tools to build brands and generate leads.


I deliver engaging & relevant keynotes, talks & workshops and you can always expect the latest information, steps to take action, tons of energy and a few laughs along the way.

My aim is to help my audience understand how to leverage the power of Podcasting, LinkedIn & the latest technology for business in order to gain more visibility, attract more leads & convert more clients.


I get asked a lot about what success means to me?  I believe my son is a huge success.  My son is successful because he has inspired me to NEVER GIVE UP!  Watching him go through therapy after therapy trying to learn new skills and getting frustrated was hard, but he never gave up.  


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