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Can you “Let It Be”?

Uncategorized Mar 06, 2016

The Beatles have quoted “Let it Be” for years. This worked very well for them considering the popularity of this song. They knew their audience. Loved The Beatles!!!

That was 1970 and this is 2016.  Letting it be can be a detriment to your business if your online presence is not kept up to date.  What if you found a great offer or service, you were ready to sign up and noticed their blog was 3 years out of date? What about their Facebook page or Twitter account?  Would you question if they were still in business?  Of course you would.  I know I would… In this fast-paced world, we would move on to the next business or find someone else.  There are many individuals offering the same or similar products/services and you need to stay in front of them if you want to increase and maintain your online presence.

I was asked today if setting up an account and then “let it be” would be good for online visibility.  I couldn’t say “NO” fast enough.  What if it was found?  What image does that portray?  If you are not investing time into your business and your online presence, you are showing your audience you are not going to invest time into your customers. Your customers are online trying to find you. Starting your relationships off on the right foot is essential for your business.

It is better to not be on a Social Media platform then create a profile and “let it be”.
Let it be is not a good strategy.

Just having a presence is not enough. Being active on social media (and blog if you have one) is an extension of customer service and customer outreach. Therefore, companies need to be willing to engage their customers through these channels. One of the best ways to talk with customers online is to be genuine and establish yourself as a legitimate authority. Online users want to interact with real people and gain real, useful information, so they’ll be more likely to talk to you, engage your brand and do business with you.

You don’t have to be on every Social Media platform and have a mediocre presence on every online outlet.  Instead,  identify the channels that your customers use most frequently and focus your attentions there.  By creating an authentic, trustworthy online presence for your company, you’ll build an online following that’s more receptive to your message. The most important thing is to be yourself, stay consistent in your messaging, and have fun!

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