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LinkedIn is clearly an important business tools but that doesn't mean it is intuitive and easy to use. Everyone says that LinkedIn is the place to be and a great network to find opportunities... but how do you really leverage it?

Leverage the power of LinkedIn to achieve your goals and have

LinkedIn Training Options

Combining Technology and Business Growth, LinkedIn is essential to every entrepreneur. The right strategy can give you "the power" to do more, reach more and be more in your business. I'll show you how! Your Business, Your Way!

Leverage the POWER of LinkedIn DIY Online Training


Discover how to get a steady flow of leads using LinkedIn.  There are over 660 million people on LinkedIn with an estimated 2 people joining every second!!

Do you have loads of connections on LinkedIn but you are not sure what to do them them or how to stay in touch with your connections? When you do connect with a request on LinkedIn do you say…….. now what? 

In this video, you will discover how to use LinkedIn to leverage your connections, build your network and optimize your personal profile.  It is a powerful and professional platform that goes beyond the profile to build relationships with your potential clients & connections and turn them into offline sales.  You will learn the steps to a highly effective profile and how to use that profile to get yourself out there in a big way to attract the right connections, build your network and convert those connections to generate leads.


"Done WITH you" LinkedIn Profile


"I'll Do It WITH You LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn’s platform makes it so much easier to step into your power, to claim your expert status, and promote yourself, your product and your services.

"I'll Do It WITH You" LinkedIn Profile was created for people just like you, who need the power of LinkedIn to maximize their sales opportunities and their personal and professional credibility.

You will not only be easier to find, but you will stand out above the crowd. You will give the message you want to give, and attract your ideal customers to connect with you.

LinkedIn has over 660 million registered members. You don’t have to be everywhere, but you do have to be on LinkedIn.


LinkedIn Profile Audit & Personalized Video Review


The perfect solution if you want an expert opinion on your LinkedIn profile and you enjoy the process of making the updates on your own.

Here's how it works:
You fill in a short questionnaire about your business that will be emailed to you after registration.
I will audit and review your LinkedIn profile in a video. 
Each video is unique and customized based on your goals
You’ll receive the link to the video via e-mail
You follow my instructions & update your profile.

You get more views & leads via LinkedIn!


One-on-One Consultation

Make LinkedIn work for you and GET NOTICED without being pushy, salesy or spending hours reading a bunch of how-to books.

Make the most out of your time with Stacy.  Here are a few options:

  • Review your LinkedIn profile & strategy.
  • Start using regular content on LinkedIn and connect professionally so you can leverage the power to establish leadership & trust in order to attract, qualify & convert new customers to your brand.
  • Learn the best connection strategy for generating leads.  
  • Q&A.  What to pick her brain on how to do things better and more effectively?  She will answer all your LinkedIn and Social Media questions.


"“Stacy is a Rock Star at everything LinkedIn. She explains the inner workings of LinkedIn to fully understand how to leverage the platform to gain leads. She teaches in a way that even the non-tech entrepreneur will be able to take action and get results right away”"

Fay Chapple
International Business Strategist