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Why I LOVE LinkedIn

Uncategorized May 09, 2016

I admit it!  I love LinkedIn!  I've known him (or her…) for a really long time and he's always seemed like the serious older brother of the Social Media space.  He's not as flashy as the other Social Media stars but he does make headlines! To me he's the one you should be taking advatage of.  

I like his professionalism! I like the way you have to ask others permission to connect.  He's just right for business. I get easily distracted by all of the shiny new social media platforms out there that are more fun.  The other social media platforms have it going on with their fun face filters and new ways to communicate.  However, when you are talking business, LinkedIn is the number one platform you need to be on. He (or she) is well-informed, professional and there is no better way to communicate than with other people who are professionals. I even coined it was "sexy" when I created the One Red Lipstick “Get Noticed - Breakthrough tips for a sexy LinkedIn Profile”.  

I’ve been doing this Social Media thing for a long time and I've heard it all:

  • LinkedIn is boring 
  • People only use it to check you out
  • It's only good if you're looking for a job
  • You get a lot of spam 
  • It's not what it was meant to be 
  • People ask to connect with me when I don't even know who they are 
  • It's only used as a dating site 
  • People say they never look at it
  • It is it is it's only a place to put your profile and leave it
  • They only login to clear their invites
  • It's too cluttered so why bother
  • The most shocking one I heard was… they find it annoying

There are so many reasons why I love LinkedIn. LinkedIn allows you to showcase your best face forward and connect for success. It increases your visibility and allows you to use your voice to get your message out professionally.  Here are my top 6 reasons I love LinkedIN:

  1. I use it as an online networking tool.  Before I meet somebody for a business meeting or go to a networking event, I do some research to find out who they are, where they work and what their interests are.  I have had some fabulous in-person conversations by mentioning something I learned by looking at their LinkedIn profile.  
  2. SEO (search engine optimization) aspect of LinkedIn is incredible! If you were to Google someone you have met them at a networking event or a referral someone told you about... their LinkedIn profile is going to be one of the first things that show up in your Google search.
  3. Connect professionally with people.  Yes, truly connect with professional humans, seek out other individuals that you want to connect with and ask to be introduced.
  4. I love the fact that LinkedIn allows you to truly showcase Who You Are. You don't have to worry about making your bio fit into 160 characters, you get to really showcase what you do and how you help people so they can truly get to know you and your business
  5. You get to really engage with the people that you're connected. Posting informative and educational posts will showcase you as the expert in your field.
  6. It's extremely visual!  You get to add images, videos, presentations, logos, branding, etc... Profiles are so incredible interactive now, there is no other platform that can come close.

There are so many things that I love about LinkedIn I couldn't possibly list them all and I think you get an idea as to why it’s the most professional, well-known and best-dressed Social Media platform on the professional block.  There is nothing more sexy than growing your business with professional connections who are there to do business. There are always some who use it for other reasons (see above) however, the vast majority of people on LinkedIn (over 400 Million of them) are there for professional connections, building relationships by growing their network and increased business.  And don’t forget to take it off-line.  LinkedIn has the highest rate of offline conversions than any other social channel.  

Haven’t visited LinkedIn for awhile? It’s time to take another look! If you don't think your profile is a “Get Noticed” profile and you don’t have time for this professional platform, let me know. I can build you a “Get Noticed” profile that will be found and anybody who sees your profile will see you as being the professional they want to work with.  And then teach you how to leverage this powerful platform to gain you the network you need to grow your business.

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