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Power of Attraction and Social Media

Uncategorized Mar 06, 2016

“Often times, we’ll manifest something and not even realize it.”

It is interesting how social media and the law of attraction are so similar. Afterall, social media is all about attracting like minded individuals and businesses to build your network. I think the misconception is that social media is more about personal interests than business interests. This is where the law of attraction kicks in. If you think social media is all about personal interests, than you will most likely treat it this way and your social media efforts will yield results that are more personal…based on your interests. However, if you want to leverage social media to grow your business, than this is exactly what will result.

It all comes back to one simple principle; the content you publish will attract the audience you are trying to reach. If you want to talk about what you ate and where you are, there are people online that not only care about this, but will also want to connect with you. Isn’t that cool? Well, since social media is our business, we are more about business tactics and strategies for promoting businesses online and it does go back to your content…good content for the good of the people (offer solutions to questions and problems without being too pitchy about your business). However, the law of attraction does kick in again, in that, you will attract more business the better your content is for helping out others. Be a giver and the fruits of your efforts will come back tenfold.

Who are you attracting to your network? Social Media is a givers gain platform. If you engage and provide value to your network, you will gain through business growth.



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