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New LinkedIn User Interface

Uncategorized Feb 13, 2017

Do You Have The New LinkedIn Experience?  I don't... but thankfully I was working on a clients profile today that had it. Love my clients!

LinkedIn is gradually rolling out their desktop new User Interface (UI) – It’s Clean, Simple and Awesome.  Minus a few fabulous features that have been taken away. I do love the new look.  If you haven’t yet glimpsed it, this article will prepare you for the changes to ensure a smoother transition when the new UI arrives on your desktop.

Here are a few features that have been completely removed:

  • View Profile As button. Now what you see is the same as what your 1st connections see (minus your edit buttons) Public profile still remains as you have set it.
  • 30% larger profile photo for Premium members. Profile photos are now the same size for all members
  • Export Profile to PDF
  • Relationship Module (CRM, notes, callback dates, etc.) - very sad about this one!!
  • Additional (Legacy) Honors & Awards; Additional (Legacy) Organizations. Newer versions are available on the profile. Can be seen on public profile unless you remove this section.
  • Causes You Care About – Moved under Following
  • Interests - Can still be seen on public profile unless you remove this section
  • Non-Profits – Moved under Following, part of "Causes You Care About"
  • Organizations You Care About - Moved under Accomplishments

The main navigation at the top of the page has also been cleaned up and clarified, including new symbols and explanatory text underneath them such as “Notifications”, with a small, red icon to indicate updates, similar to Facebook. It is more simple and intuitive, with each element given a defined space on the screen.

Notifications get's a drastic change in its layout, making them more prominent. Along with a separate notifications tab, like in the app, which highlights all your important activity (while also providing LinkedIn with new, prominent ad space)

The new messaging platform has introduced a chat bot that can chime in to help in chores and is able to compare users’ calendars to schedule meetings by suggesting times and places.

So What Should You Do First…and Next?

  • Reoptimize, or at least reorganize, your profile. In this new UI, keywords are more important than ever as LinkedIn pushes for greater search dominance. Perhaps it’s time to craft a stronger, fresher headline?
  • The first few sentences (approx 200 characters) of your Summary appear in the “top card”…this section is highly optimized for searches, so make sure your first impression is compelling enough to encourage viewers to click the View More button.
  • Endorsements (now Endorsements & Skills) play an even bigger part. Ensure the keywords in your headline and summary are restated in your top 3 endorsements, so that the theme of your profile is consistent.

LinkedIn wants users to have a more cohesive experience between the mobile app and the desktop browser, which is what this update accomplishes.

Although a lot has changed and some features, such as certain search functions and tagging, may be missing from the free version of LinkedIn. However, most people will find the new user interface more intuitive.

What do you think? 



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