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Are you listening? I mean really listening… when you meet someone?

Uncategorized Mar 06, 2016

Have you met this person?  They focus on their own topic and what only matters to them. And when they do listen, they are only unilateral listeners. They know what they want to hear and what they have to say is all that matters when you talk with them.  They think the world revolves around them.

I’m sure everyone has met the “ It’s all about me” individual. They can be fun to hang out with, but you sigh when they come by wondering what story or sales pitch they have for you today. They are always self-preoccupied and it gets boring…

Each and everyday, people go onto Social Media with their own agenda. They meet people online and forget to listen. They talk and talk and talk some more thinking about what they are going to say to get their point across and how they are going to sell their products/services.

Seriously? Who are they talking to?  Have they tried listening?

Real communities are built on trust, open communication, sharing, context and meaning…

…And most importantly… LISTENING.

Social Media communities are built in the same way. To build a social media community, you need to start conversations, deepen existing relationships, keep up with industry topics and watch for customer service opportunities.

People do business and buy from individuals they know and trust. 

Are you building a community or is it all about you?  Take time to find out where your potential clients are hanging out online and listen to what they are saying.  Engage with them.  And Be Authentic. People will see right through you if you are fake and only engaging with them to make a quick buck. Build relationships first and the business will follow.

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