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LinkedIn Profile

"Done For You" LinkedIn Profile was created for people just like you, who need the power of LinkedIn to maximize their sales opportunities & their personal & professional credibility.

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Facebook Ads

Facebook is a must for businesses of all sizes. Learn how to grow your email list, book services and easy strategies for creating a profitable ad campaign without spending a ton of money.

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Mobile Video

The sooner you start using video in your marketing, the sooner you can leverage the power to establish through leadership & trust in order to attract, qualify & convert new customers to your brand.

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A dynamic and energetic speaker who is passionate about sharing her expertise with fellow entrepreneurs that will educate in a fun and lively way.  Book Stacy today for your next event. 

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Expert in LinkedIn Profiles, Facebook Ads & Mobile Video

I have been called many things: LinkedIn Expert, Social Media Strategist, Social Media Marketing/Consultant, Online Networking and Personal Branding Specialist and probably a few more... 

I am not a "Jane of all trades" and master of none.  I am a master of this Social Media world with a unique mix of business smarts and tech-geekness.

As an Author, Trainer, Speaker and Action Taker, I do wear a lot of hats. That is what makes me unique. I am multi-passionate and focused on helping businesses & corporations gain the advantage in this digital world. From Social Media… to video… to personal branding, I am an award-winning entrepreneur with an extensive background in marketing and corporate branding. This includes many years creating Social Media strategies, LinkedIn, Video & Social Media training, podcasting and online personal branding.

I help businesses leverage the power of Social Media while guiding them to Take Action and Stand Out from the online noise, Speak Up to get their message out there and Stay True by being authentic to their brand while growing their online network.  I’m all about helping businesses step into the Social Media spotlight and Get Noticed… Professionally.

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30 Day Dominate
LinkedIn Challenge

LinkedIn has become the unchallenged -- and dominant -- social network for professionals worldwide. LinkedIn is recognized as "THE" professional social network. It’s a place where people in all industries can go to build relationships with their colleagues & potential customers while demonstrating their experience & expertise. It's time to dominate LinkedIn and find out a new way, every day... for 30 days!

Here are just a few amazing things that will be covered in this challenge: Your LinkedIn Profile: how to create a "Get Noticed" Profile Connect, not simply collect connections. How to build those professional relationships How to become a groupie, an influencer and be found. Your net work is your net-worth, make sure people are checking you out. Learn to be professional socially.



Social Media is a "must have" for entrepreneurs.

Here is my philosophy around being social in media.


This is a great place to put your CTA that you have been building towards in your video.


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The Video Advantage

Are you ready to make your mark? Here it is! A 3 step process to get out there online in a big way! Value, Voice and Video are the 3 - V's to Stand Out online. Are you using video in your content to market yourself online? If not, watch to learn whay you need to know and how to make a video that represents your personal brand.


The LinkedIn Advantage

Leverage the power of LinkedIn to achieve your goals and have OPPORTUNITIES COME TO YOU.

Make LinkedIn work for you and GET NOTICED without being pushy, salesy or spending hours reading a bunch of how-to books.

LinkedIn is clearly an important business tool but that doesn't mean it's intuitive and easy to use. Everyone says that LinkedIn is the place to be and a great network to find opportunities... but how do you really leverage it?



Social Media Advantage

Are you looking to up your Social Media game with these in-depth courses on the basics. Review the basics, learn some new tricks to stay organized and stand out from the crowd. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram are the top 4 Social Media platforms and to stand out, you need to understand how they work.

Join me for Social Media 101 and get on the Social Media path to success.


"Done for you" LinkedIn Profile

"I'll Do It For You" LinkedIn Profile was created for people just like you, who need the power of LinkedIn to maximize their sales opportunities and their personal and professional credibility.


"“I hired Stacy to take over my Social Media responsibilities. She is a fabulous teacher and has explained the inner workings of Social Media in a logical manner and takes as much time as required (with an incredible amount of patience). Stacy is fabulous with people, she is so open and helpful and is such a pleasure to deal with. The true test of Stacy's talents are the results I am seeing in my analytics. I would hire Stacy for any position as she is dedicated and professional in all aspects of her/your business.”"

Colleen Saunders
Mortgages by Colleen

"“Before I met Stacy, I was a social media technological Wreck! Meeting Stacy has taken the fear out of social media for me. Since working with Stacy, I feel much more confident in setting and managing my social media platforms and now understand how to use them more strategically and efficiently to get my message understood. She absolutely teaches you HOW to BE REAL ON LINE in an authentic way! Thanks Stacy for all your help!”"

Linda Sztanko
Networking Coach and Follow up Expert

"“I have had the pleasure of knowing Stacy for over 6 years in both a personal and professional capacity. What sets Stacy apart is her ability to really connect with others in a genuine way. She effectively assists businesses in developing a concise strategy where their unique message can be heard across all social media platforms. Her training style is direct, fun and engaging.”"

Cathy Thompson
Founder and CEO Beyond the Classroom

You have a TV camera in your pocket!
Use it to expand your brand on Social Media

Training Options

Combining Technology and Business Growth! Video & Social Tools are essential to every entrepreneur. The right strategy can give you "the power" to do more, reach more and be more in your business.

I'll show you how! Your Business, Your Way!

The Social Media Advantage


Whether you’re just getting started on Facebook or looking for advice to grow your Facebook Page, the Facebook Advantage can help.

The most powerful social media tools for building a targeted audience, engaging with them often, and developing their trust.

Recognized as "THE" professional social network. You might even be asking yourself, “How can this site help me grow my business?”

One of the fastest growing social networks, where brands can share photos and engage with their biggest fans.


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"Done for you" LinkedIn Profile


"I'll Do It for You LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn’s platform makes it so much easier to step into your power, to claim your expert status, and promote yourself, your product and your services.

"I'll Do It For You" LinkedIn Profile was created for people just like you, who need the power of LinkedIn to maximize their sales opportunities and their personal and professional credibility.

You will not only be easier to find, but you will stand out above the crowd. You will give the message you want to give, and attract your ideal customers to connect with you.

LinkedIn has over 500 million registered members. You don’t have to be everywhere, but you do have to be on LinkedIn.

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Deep Dive Online Training



Save time, money and resources.

Dive deep into top platform and video strategies for entrepreneurs to build their brand and business.

Confused about how everything works together?  One-on-one coaching programs will help you discover the best path for you to get from start to finish for the success of your business. 

Full programs to take you from beginner to advanced so you can get the most out of your business.

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